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Those pesky elections

I’ve been seeing a lot of “Not voting IS my vote” and “Voting is Surrendering” posts floating around on social media lately.

Everyone is (not really) indeed entitled to their (misguided) opinion on this, but I urge you to vote.  Beyond that, go volunteer for whatever cause you believe in, rectify what you think is wrong in our country, and you know, make a difference. Let clicktivism be your teether and get on out there and lick envelopes or something. Yeah, that’s it, from clicktivism to licktivism. Whatever works for you.

I realize that we all feel smothered by the inundation of negative political campaigns, misinformation and sheer volume of paper wasted on mailers, but consider this: people died for your right to vote. People in other parts of the world are dying to GET the right to vote.

I think you can take the time to exercise your very costly, very important right.