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Rabbit Root Vegetable Stew

We raise our own rabbits and I’ve cooked them several different ways. I think this has turned out to be the best recipe so far.

1 bay leaf

Oregano to taste, maybe a tsp

A couple shakes of salt, a couple twists from the pepper grinder

1 cube Dorot frozen basil

2 cubes Dorot frozen garlic

.25 cup white onion, roughly chopped

.25 cup chopped celery

2tsp bacon fat

A 1lb bag of frozen Root Vegetable Medley from Costco (beets, parsnip, carrots, sweet potato)

About a quarter cup frozen chopped spinach

A handful of cherry tomatoes from our garden out front that were languishing on the counter

About a pound of rabbit, picked off from a rabbit I pressure – cooked, with the liquid from the cooker

I just added some water to cover to an 8qt pot and cooked it on low for couple of hours since the rabbit was already cooked.

Tastes so sweet!


Thai stuff soup

I used leftover broth from our pho we got the other day at our favorite Thai restaurant, Krung Thai. They make great Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian food. I added several cups of homemade rabbit broth. I added a dash of fish sauce, powdered ginger (only a little because it makes the hubby queasy) and these spices I bought at our local Asian market,Ta Lin:


some dried cilantro, some cilantro I had frozen, thinly sliced onion (I used a peeler! Why didn’t I try that eons ago?)

I added these cans of goodness (ordinarily I prefer Coconut cream but couldn’t find any without additives) (I also haven’t used these mushrooms before but this is what I had in the pantry):


I had half a bag of leftover baby spinach so I put that in… I used cooked rabbit instead of chicken and about a quarter cup of leftover tofu cubes Owl hadn’t finished… I put a dash of red pepper flakes, hopefully she won’t notice.


It needs SOMETHING else zingy but I can’t figure out what.. possibly lime juice? I added a little..


With zing 😉


Note: calling the noodly looking mushrooms “mother nature’s noodles” did not fool her…. She totally didn’t enjoy that. Won’t get those again.

Paul and I enjoyed our soup very much.

Ground beef w/spinach

Cooked up a pound of Ranchline grass-fed ground beef with chopped green onions, chopped mushrooms, a half pound of tender, lovely spinach from Ironwood Farms, and some sneaky grated turnip, all in some bacon grease. Added a dash of Montreal steak seasoning.


Make sure you add the more delicate spinach at the end, to just barely cook it.


I felt Midwestern tonight so I served it with sliced home grown tomatoes (they are hanging in the garage to finish ripening) and some French radishes from Ironwood farms. I had never had French radishes before, they are mild and tasty.


Linnae also had some gluten-free rice pasta with hers because she’s been waking up pretty hungry first in the morning. She thinks spinach is terrible, but ate some anyway. The verdict? I will probably be able to serve this again without being ”fired”… 🙂 We also had enough leftover for lunch for Paul.