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Wednesday is Spaghetti Night

This is also the title of a great children’s book about cats making and eating a spaghetti luncheon while their humans are away. Reading this book is how we ended up eating spaghetti most Wednesdays. That and who WOULDN’T eat spaghetti once a week? Even if it is gluten-free pasta. We use Trader Joe’s brown rice pasta.

Last night was ”fresh veggie and dip” night, hence all the leftover veggies. The shrimp is from me deciding last night that hummus didn’t provide adequate protein for the meal, especially as Linnae hates hummus (anything with that texture, really). Plus, who can resist adding a pound of shrimp to any meal? Not I!

Tonight’s sauce is made with:  leftover shrimp from last night, two small cans of whole clams, can of chopped tomatoes, finely chopped zucchini, chopped celery, minced fresh green beans, some chopped fresh onion, cube o’ frozen garlic, cube o’ frozen basil, ”tuscan spice blend” and butter. Simmer, simmer.  Likely has too much zucchini (about half a cup) but that’s the breaks.


Tonight I’m going to try serving the sauce on the side for Linnae, she can eat it as a soup. She was complaining about having to eat pasta with sauce agaaaaiiin. My son never minded sauce but both daughters do. I require sauce. Pasta by itself is just… morally wrong. On the other hand, I decided that I don’t care if they eat the two separately.

I’m trying to let go of my food control freak ways. I’ve been reading a lot of ”unschooling” and ”freethinking” posts, which are essentially antithetical to my personality, and have decided to Try To Lighten Up.

Hence Wednesday is Spaghetti Night BUT you can have your sauce on the side. Revel in your freedoms! Enjoy the liberty! Try the Nom!!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how this works out 😉

:: update::
”Mom, what is that smell? It smells really good!”


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