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Quick Miso Shrimp soup

I make my own broth. You can Google plenty of how-to’s, so I won’t go into that, but I will say, a good soup starts with a good broth.

I have a Rule of Three. If you put more than three main ingredients in there, you are asking for trouble… Sometimes I cheat and have to eat a bowl of regrets. Up to you. This soup’s main ingredients (to me) are shrimp, miso and mushrooms. Lots of room for noodles!

I have a terrible cold and my cooking tastes awful to me right now, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess my lunch up. More than normal, anyway 😉

Colds Must Be Treated With Chicken Broth. A quart jar of marvelously gelatinous turkey/chicken stock. A quart of water. (I shake it up in the jar to get out every lay speck of brothy goodness). Check. Now what?


Mmm, yummy wild caught Argentinean shrimp from Trader Joe’s are back, $8.99/#. No one will notice if I eat half a pound for lunch, right?

Miso paste. Salt is good for sore throats. Well, maybe not, but I can taste it so that counts. A generous blob. (You should probably follow the directions on the package. I use the lighter kinds, I try to get the one without any thickeners, etc).


I use a vegetable peeler to add super thin slices of carrot and onion to taste. Added some home-dried chives. Vitamins. Check.

A couple dashes of this very cool rice seasoning made with sesame seeds.


Two cans of sliced mushrooms. Sorry. I get them at Costco and they make life easier. Freshly sliced would be good, too. Yay, more vitamins! (D).

A handful of cut up toasted nori (seaweed). I get the seaweed snacks at Costco, or the Asian market, cut up a few sheets and put it in a jar for adding to things like this marvelous soup. Recently we bought what I call “Mr. Moustache Brand.”


Truly, that pencil thin moustache made me buy this. Perhaps as my menopausal journey progresses I can train my moustache to look as dapper.


Yup, just throw it all in and heat it up. You must keep stirring to dissolve the miso, by the way.

I ate all the shrimp and will keep the broth hot for later. Linnae will have some soup after school and I’ll probably put cubed tofu in it. She loves tofu, I do not know why. Yuck. We get the high protein kind at Trader Joe’s just to hedge our bets.




Olive tapenade egg salad


A bed of spinach. Three hard boiled eggs mixed with about two Tbs Trader Joe’s Olive Tapenade (or make your own, I didn’t, I’m lazy) & a generous sprinkle of real bacon bits. Voilá! Lunch.

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Curried Egg & Chicken salad

I chopped up leftover chicken and added three chopped curry-pickled eggs & mayonnaise. Added a little more curry powder and some chopped green onion.  I topped a bed of home-grown romaine, added some child-chosen sides and done! Cool & tasty summer dinner.