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Paul made a frittata for breakfast. Sweet potatoes, hemp seed, eggs, rabbit, garlic. He forgot the onions which is totally fine. It’s a thing of beauty 🙂 I topped my slice off with avocado and sriracha.



Chicken drama

Well, the oven temp went up too much somehow. No hatching eggs rescued from the broody. On the other hand, one was nearly there, another mere days away, two had apparently stopped a while back, and three were rotten. I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to eat dinner after that, so…

That would be an effective dieting aid, let me tell you. Sulfur springs are stinkier than the actual rotten eggs were but the smell of sulfur is somehow less … invasive. Pervasive? Insistent? Not sure what word to use but… Yuck.

The good news is lil’ Peep seems just fine, even if she is an only child. She spends a lot of time admiring herself in the mirror.


Shakshuka & Eggs, NM style…

So this poster whom I follow on Facebook, Wordhouse Farm, put up a photo of what they just ate. It looked SO good, I decided to make it for late breakfast? Brunch? Elevensies?


To find out what the heck shakshuka is (a passover dish) I read these posts:



And Wordhouse’s description:

“Sautee onions, and green peppers. Add a jar of tomatoes or chop fresh ones from the garden. Season with 3 garlic cloves, 1 tsp paprika, salt and pepper. I added a Tbs of Maple syrup to cut the acid and a splash of red wine and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Simmer covered about 20 minutes. I put a little tabasco at the end. Crack your eggs in and let them poach. EAT! EAT LOTS!!”

then made my own recipe up, of course. Sometimes this works. I have learned to use my nose. Even if a recipe doesn’t come out right, if it smells good, I can eat it! This is the “Dog” method of cooking 😉

I used 1 can of organic diced tomatoes (Costco), 1 can organic tomato paste (Costco), a tablespoon of red chile powder, 1 packet of frozen green chile (Costco), a half a bag of frozen tricolor pepper (Trader Joe’s), a quart of chicken broth (homemade), three cubes of frozen minced garlic (Trader Joe’s again), some Moroccan spice blend (made it a few weeks ago from a recipe, google one and pretend! it isn’t very spicy and is rather sweet), some paprika, some salt, some onion powder and dried chopped onion. (I didn’t feel like running to the store to get an onion and I just used the last one in my chicken cooking in the crock pot).  The shakshuka is simmering in my cast iron skillet right now. I will probably end up adding more red chile powder but who knows.

Stay tuned.


(polite belch)

It came out great! I do like NM red chile and eggs better but this is definitely a future comfort food! I ate it with kale from the garden (I’m telling you, that stuff PRODUCES) and it was very tasty, indeed!

Obviously this was too much for one person. I made a valiant attempt but only ate two eggs and half the sauce. The entire batch made three times this. I put the leftovers into two pint jars. We’ll see if they even make it to the freezer or if we eat it with the chicken tonight.

I did notice that the sauce paired well with the kale, which is slightly bitter. I think it would be much better with fresh chopped onions like I was supposed to use. And I overdid the eggs a bit, but I was afraid they would be runny, which is against the laws of nature.

Curried Egg & Chicken salad

I chopped up leftover chicken and added three chopped curry-pickled eggs & mayonnaise. Added a little more curry powder and some chopped green onion.  I topped a bed of home-grown romaine, added some child-chosen sides and done! Cool & tasty summer dinner.