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A Bielenfelder Cockerel


Green Acres

There’s something philosophical in the mad blinking of the incubator light making me think of a cheap motel, but I’m not sure what…

Henrietta tried to make a run for it BACK into the chicken yard. Not sure how she got that high, but Paul found her hanging upside down by one leg, from the fence, about three feet up. This is why they are the domesticated livestock. I’m sure she wouldn’t have made it through the night that way…

To be, or not to be

There’s a hen staring forlornly out the coop door, waiting to be set free for the day. Or perhaps fed (extra). Or perhaps she is gazing upon the amazing amount of mulberry leaves that dropped in the yard overnight. What fun they might be to scratch in, discovering all manner of bugs underneath! Especially if the humans have raked them up for compost. Human effort thwarted is a fine and savory spice.

She could be contemplating the simple yet symbiotic nature of her life as a kept hen: eat, poop, eat, lay egg, eat, sleep. More poop. Or even her place in the cosmic order of things, which as a later of eggs and provider of compost must surely be grand.

Nah, she’s probably fantasizing about one of us tripping in the coop and wondering if we are as tasty we seem.

Chicken Stampede

So last night I ordered gluten free pizza from pizza 9 because I’m sick of what’s in the house – only so much leftovers I can take, and a fridge full of chard – and I didn’t feel well anyway. Plus, isn’t it mandatory to live on pizza when you are alone for a week? Or is that only for guys?

Anyway, it tasted heavenly and I ate far, far too much. I’m suffering the consequences today, of course, but I sure enjoyed it. If only there was a way to eat cheese without having to digest it. Well, a non disgusting and healthy way, anyhow.

I woke up this morning BEFORE SIX AM, which should be illegal or something. The cat fell off the bed which is pretty funny considering all the room she had. After laughing at that, I just had to get up and start the day. Feeding critters and coffee. Even Bailey-dog wasn’t quite ready to get up.


The Ladies of Clucknfluff were quite surprised to see me so early and forgot to run into my legs on their usual stampede out the coop door. A chicken stampede is pretty darned ridiculous looking. The Boys were all present and accounted for and are already acting like they would like out, too. Not happening, the Clucknfluff gals would be having no rooster chick shenanigans and would probably peck them to death.

Flopsy was pacing in her cage this morning, not sure why. I’m hoping it’s because she’s pregnant but she sure is noisy hopping back and forth like that. Bella and her six kits, who will be six weeks old tomorrow, were all very excited to be fed and gave me bunny snuffly whisker greetings. Buster gave me the stink eye as usual but he doesn’t have me fooled. 


I topped off everyone’s food, scritched all the bunny ears, and settled down in my fifteen year old fabric-covered-in-chicken-poo folding chair to watch the Nature Channel. A morning dove began his mating ritual on top of the gate. Trying to fan one’s tail AND issue a manly coo while balancing is apparently quite tricky. The hens have established a ”No doves allowed” policy which is vigorously enforced by the younger set, so the dove have to do a LOT of balancing. If the hens ever figure out how to drive the hated dove into the claws of the waiting cat, that’ll be something.

One of the shy silver laced Wyandotte girls came over and peeped at me cautiously. I was regretting not having brought coffee out when the SPRINKLERS TURNED ON!

All the animals watched me try to zip into the house without getting my pj’s soaked. Very fun, lol. See? More laughing…