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Tide Pods

Reading up on the Tide Pod challenge. A COLLEGE student just ate one. Well then. That says it all about our educational system, if beer bongs and pong hadn’t said it first.

I also read the the challenge may have originated with a joke by the Onion. So, satire is to blame. Not stupidity. Uh huh. Gotcha.

Folks, lock up your harmful household chemicals from the little kids. Have a talk with your bigger kids about not being %#÷^*[ idiots. Show them how to crush beer cans on their foreheads or climb a pole and swallow goldfish live – call it “retro” or “vintage”, they’ll dig it.

Not to diss convenience, but, why are people using these things? I tried the dishwasher version and that outer coating doesn’t even fully dissolve. Soon the plasticky slime-mush will join with the fat bergs already lurking in the sewers, grow self-aware bacteria, and it’ll be all over for humanity. Save yourselves!

I buy a huuuge bucket of detergent at a time. It lasts forever, something like 1200 loads. The bucket is repurposable (toting rabbit poop is another conversation, entirely). It comes out to something like 10 to 12 cents a load.

You do have to be able to lug the thing in and open it, but after that you can just use a coffee can (or similar) within easy reach.

It’s also presumably more “environmentally friendly,” so there’s that. In my experience that usually means you have to use a bit more product but it STILL comes out less expensive!

I’m pretty sure not a kid out there is gonna think it’s cool to stick their face in Charlie’s bucket and try to eat it. (Don’t take that as a dare, kids, I’ll make you eat charcoal and like it).


Very punny

Someone was ranting about how drug “attics” (addicts) are out of control …

“Everybody knows the issue isn’t the drug attics. The issue is the drug cellars.”

Wish I’d thought of that one…