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Terrible Terry

You know those silly lists of things like “20 stories of nose hair trimming tragedies” (or whatever) that you click on and slog through pages and pages of ads to read? Well, I was just reading a list about awful reasons people get fired for (that was truly a terrible sentence, I apologize).  I’d already passed the Popup of Doom that you have to exit out while it’s trying to convince you to buy a security app.  I’d made my laborious way, page by page, back to the story titled “Terrible Terry” who worked in a café. 
I got one of those ads that is just a black screen.  I roared my terrible roar and gnashed my terrible teeth but nope. No page loading for me!
Why did he get fired? *How* did the narrator fire him even though TT was a favorite of the owners? Why didn’t TT ever change clothes? 
If anyone read that stupid list (on Ranker, I think) please let me know.  I’m not sure I can fall asleep without knowing.  I’m on tenterhooks.  Pleeaase…
This crap never happened with the National Inquirer. And they had better photos, too.


Mud and Muscovies

​These darn muscovy ducks are cagey. They love mealworm treats and will eat them out of my hand but wouldn’t fall for the “follow the treats so I can pen you up” routine tonight.  Stirling  (the drake) just looked at me side-eyed and wouldn’t lead the girls over.  Hmph. I even made the treat sign with my hand but he was having none of it. 
Ripples, the young hen we hatched this year, has grown in her flight feathers and is zipping around the tops of the rabbit hutches and little coops, trying to avoid the two bossy older hens. She still wants hugs from me, which is really sweet. The yard is poop soup out there from the rain and my shirt looks and smells awful now from her climbing on me. Stirling is quite huffy about my interference but I’m still taller’n him so he’s just going to have put his dominance games on hold til I get back in the house.
The older two ladies are laying again and I’m excited because their eggs make superb hard boiled eggs and I’m going to make a batch of them pickled. 
Hey, at least it’s not pickled chicken feet or something. 


Well, maybe 😁.
Update on the rabbits another time, they aren’t doing much except eating… lots of eating.  As are the chickens. 

Bed hogs, I mean, dogs

​So I sleep in the spare bedroom when I have a cough or a crick in my neck. I have more room and Paul and I don’t disturb each other’s sleep as much.  Tonight he was gathering the dogs for bedtime and Nala jumped up with me and hid her nose in my armpit so that the then-annoyed cat (who was here first) couldn’t find her.  I sighed and let her sleep with me. 
Needless to say she’s a bed hog.  I literally don’t have room to lay flat on my back. And she pushes back!
In comes Geezer Sam, looking for me.  He has to make sure we are all in our places before he settles down.  He comes in sniffing and figures out I’m here.  He decides to try and jump up to sleep with me,  can’t quite make it but manages a perfect squeaky old man fart before he does that circle thing on the edge of my comforter that’s trailing on the floor and starts snoring as only he can.
Now I’m wide awake, laughing, and not sleepy anymore at all. 
I think I may go back in to sleep with Paul, cough and crick or no… this is gonna be a heck of a night.

Duck Tales

Took La Patita outside to meet the big ducks. Stirling was trying to bite her bill through the fence, Mud Puddle and Princess were less assertive.  I don’t know duck introduction protocol. Or introducktions. Heh.

Mama Mud Puddles made some strange noises which may have been female duck for “hey, you are a youngling, I think I’m supposed to do something maternal with you” or it may have been giving Stirling tailfeather kicking instructions. Who knows. Patita gave up trying to make friends and decided she was cold so I put her in my jacket and she supervised me feeding the rabbits and chickens.

The baby bun buns are in that lighting fast flying fluffball stage so photos weren’t an option. Little psychos. Bella looks mildly annoyed but not like when they REALLY start bugging her…

Not an egg in sight so we’ve had to get ours at the grocery store. Bummer. Freeloaders…

Feliz Naughty Dog!

Our beagle Sam the geezer dog is very attached to me. Whenever I leave the house without him he gets upset and gets into the kitchen trash. We’ve finally figured out that he can’t get to the kitchen trash if it’s up on the kitchen counter. Score for us, clever homo sapiens sapiens!


Now, of course, he finds other things to get into.  The recycling bin. Shoes. Laundry – the more, er, personal the item, the better. Ew.


Today he outdid himself. He must have had quite the plan. After cleaning up the normal array of chewed up cardboard, breadbags and cans, I found an abandoned cereal box next to the dog door. I picked it up and was surprised that it wasn’t empty. Oh. No. Sure enough, he’d pulled the cereal box off the shelf and tried to get into the rings o’ goodness inside. Because dogs are [i]carnivores[/i].


Chewed up cereal box
[center]At least they’re Gluten Free![/center]


I hollered “Saaaam!” in my best Rita Moreno voice, which isn’t very effective since he’s mostly deaf, and stomped angrily over to show the evidence to the Yngrdttr.


Exasperated, she exclaimed “Aaaaugh! Sam! That’s not even the right way to open a cereal box!”




Well, she’s not wrong.

All is quiet – too quiet

​I cannot believe I got up at 2 in the morning and went to look for Nala because it is *too* quiet. Her Xanax apparently knocked her out. Also knocks out her appetite, unfortunately.

Woke Paul up accidentally because faithful geezer dog Sam had to follow me every step of the way, click click click. I just do not understand how he ended up at Animal Control. He’s so funny and sweet and lovable. 

If you don’t like your trash strewn across the house when you leave, put the trash can up out of his reach. That is his only vice, so far. He’s too short to reach the counter or I’m sure he’d snitch food but that’s pretty normal. Bailey was worse because she COULD reach the counter, so I’m pretty immune to that. Seriously, after a dog regularly drinks your coffee, normal food snitching behavior just doesn’t bug you as much.

I love how Sam follows me around and snuffle-sniffs along the edge of the bed to make sure I’m there before settling down. He’s got character, this dog does. Plus, he loves us back, even though humans have obviously let him down.

Den, sweet Den…

​Paul just finished putting together the large wire crate to make a den of sorts for Nala (the border collie). The beagle Sam’s comfy bed of thrift store pillows and a blanket is right next to Nala’s new nighttime abode. I hope she uses it and it helps her anxiety. She’s taken to chewing her own ankle so we took her back to the vet. I haven’t seen an animal chew on themselves like that since I had a rat who chewed his own thumbs off. 

This anxiety misadventure has been pretty tiring for all of us. She crams herself in small spaces and digs at the floor or wall several times a night and awakens the whole house. I don’t know if it’s past abuse and stressors, the upheaval of changing owners and moving here, the crazy amount of sounds here versus the rural area she was in, but she is a pretty anxious dog. Walks don’t seem to make a difference. Touching her and speaking gently helps but we still have to get some sleep.

The Thundershirt only worked the once, which was very disappointing. I think it may be helpful still and she likes it but it’s also really hot. 

The herbal homeopathic stuff didn’t work. Didn’t work on my children when they were babies, same wussy ingredients.  The melatonin chews didn’t work, either. Heck, probably gave her weird dreams likes it does me. 

The Benadryl didn’t work well, she looked rather trapped in her own Yo Gabba Gabba episode. She also didn’t eat the days following the Benadryl, which really bothered me. 

I’m not going to talk about the night I tried all the remedies together. Shudder.

She’s continuing the fish oil and glucosamine supplements and starting Prozac and Xanax tomorrow. Sam takes Gabapentin for his arthritis and  is probably going to take Rimadyl. I might as well set up a whole cupboard for their “life insurance” as my grandfather called his vitamins and medications. 

I’m not sure what to think, I find it weird that they take the same stuff I’ve taken for pain and mental health. I hope it all helps. 

Costco is the cheapest pharmacy to fill prescriptions at, just like it was in the dark days when I had no insurance. I’ve never had to get a prescription for a dog at a human pharmacy before, I don’t know what I expected. The alprazolam was only six bucks, which is good.

I love my geezer dog Sam and my sweet Nala Bala, but I guess I didn’t think about the complexity of medical care that older dogs would require. Ah well, my whole life revolves around feeding people and critters and cleaning up after them so this just adds a bit to that.

Sleep well! 

Ah, fluffy feathery things to chase

We took Nala to get her car harness, collar,  and nametag today. She had a moment when she really didn’t think she should be going into That Place, but calmed down when we just walked and shopped. She was really well behaved.

Making friends!

We went to the park after that and she was well behaved on the leash, too.  She really likes the Eldrdottr and just plopped right down on her,  which was great. She hasn’t even done that with me.

I'll just watch your purse for you. In case you have treats.

Another sign that Nala is coming out of her shell is that she really,  really wants to chase the chickens and ducks. She even barked a little! She gets SUPER sad when I tell her no. I mean,  I want to stop my chores and go apologize she looks so dejected. A sad, mistreated long-haired ottoman with oddly tiny ears. 

Of course she goes right back to looking like she’s going to chase the ducks through the fence when I am not paying attention but I think we can work with it.  She doesn’t seem like it’s a “kill it” thing,  more like a “play/herd/lookit they run!” thing… Bailey was like that,  too. Look, feather dusters with LEGS! And NOISES. Fun!

The ducks are supremely annoyed.  Rosie,  the lead hen,  no doubt thinks they are big weenies.

Every time I walk through the room Sheila has occupied a different spot yet manages to look like she has never moved in her life. She is well pleased with her bed,  trying out different positions like a teenager on the telephone.  I’m beginning to think she might be pulling my leg,  just a little, hoping for motivational liver treats. Maybe.

Another good dog day…

Sheila and Nala

My aunt passed away suddenly and I am caring for two of her dogs,  one of whom is blind and arthritic.  Sheila (the older blind one) and Nala are very sweet dogs and I’m hoping to give them a good home.

Napping is good

I spent Friday evening and yesterday brushing and cutting out terrible fur mats and showing them their new yard and the basement.  I don’t think Sheila can make it up or down the stairs. She has thoroughly explored her space and is bonking her nose less and less.  Nala is apparently terrified of the stairs.

Lots of mats

Sheila (the old one) figured out today where her brand new spiffy dog bed is and looked very comfy. She is perkier than yesterday,  but really just wants the occasional skritch and a cool spot.  She really enjoys the breeze coming down the stairs from the swamp cooler.

Nala is getting comfortable, which is good, but bad in that she thinks taking herself ‘sploring is a great idea. Imagine the sight of me trying to coax her out from under the neighbor’s VW bus. In large yellow paisley harem pants.


Now that you’re done scratching your mental eyeballs out,  I will say that she is being really sweet about things but I can see that we are going to have to work on Going Down Stairs Works As Well As Going Up. I do not know what bothers her so much about using stairs in front of me. She will go up them when we aren’t looking and refuses to go back down.  I can take her around the house,  through the gate,  to the backyard, but I’d really rather she just went back down the stairs herself. We’ll figure it out.


Nala is very polite and wants love constantly. She is adorable about it,  not demanding.

Pets, please

Linnae insisted on taking Sheila’s bowl to her,  which I am pleased with.  Taking care of someone is important. Learning to comfort someone and make sure they have all they need when they are in pain and  declining is important,  too. I think Sheila and Linnae are going to make a good pair.

Neither dog seems too overly interested in the chickens, thankfully.

Just walks.