The Daily To-Do

Pharmacy,  check.
Hair thingies for Yngrdttr, check.   She must eat them in her sleep, she goes through so many of the things.  I’m going to hide mine.
Yarn store, check. It’s not overspending if it’s for the house,  right?
Load o’ laundry going,  check.  Stared at the upstairs dirty clothes for a bit in despair. I’ll lug them down later. Maybe.
Pot from last night’s pot roast is soaking for a while ’til scrubbing.  It’s just a leeeetle skeery.
Dinner planned, i.e. leftovers, wash yer own dishes, check.
No walk for dogs,  sadly.  My not-broken-but- painful toe isn’t in the mood.
Aha! I’m supposed to clean the oven! (Well, supervise as it cleans itself). Making bacon in the oven is delicious but extremely messy.

Yngrdttr was full of pep this morning so here’s hoping she’s all well. She said her tummy wasn’t rumbly like it’s been all week… she’ll go to daycare this afternoon while some poor Ear Nose and Throat doc gets to look up my schnozz. Yay.
Bet your day isn’t as fulfilling and thrilling as mine…. 🤣

…. Much, much later, we rejoin our heroine…

On an update to my utterly fascinating day,  Yngrdttr feels wayyyy better. She’s off getting distracted,  I mean,  doing her after school chores and singing. Much more normal!
The ENT doc ordered a CT of my sinuses.  Why are all these doctors twelve?
Aaand, you’ll all be ecstatic to know I found my favourite laundry soap,  Nellie’s, for a price that comes out to 11 cents a load and should last us over a year. (I ordered it from CottonBabies,  if you’re interested).
Yup, that’s the thrill of my day,  finding a bucket o’ laundry soap for a good price.  Major housefrau coup.
I hope your day is full of fun,  too!


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