Back at work!

​It was a busy day at the shop – not SUPER busy like “4 haircuts an hour and miserable feet” or anything, but a nice “over 2 haircuts an hour for everyone (more for our popular boss-lady) and some swanky tips” busy 🙂  I have to say, I’m pleased and grateful to be back at work. We started the day off with some great coffee from my favorite place, Satellite, so we had plenty of zip. 
We had a great balance of all ages and stages today, as well as some interesting folks from CA and AZ who popped in for a haircut in passing. 
The salon across the street turned the guy from AZ down, we did our best to give him a better impression of Albuquerque!  I’m hoping the salon owner just doesn’t like fades, rather than discriminating against particular people. Everyone has the right to say “hey, I’m just not comfortable with that style of haircut” which is code for “I suck at that style of haircut” but definitely not turn people away because of prejudice. 
Except for mullets and Texans, refusing those is a public service. A Texan *with* a mullet is worth bonus points.
My skills with new customers still aren’t up to where I want them to be, but I was very pleased with how I did with a couple challenges today. 
I’m also going to have to remember to take real food so I don’t eat all of Mary’s crackers. We didn’t get a lull until about 3 so I was ready to eat the chair.


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