Mud and Muscovies

​These darn muscovy ducks are cagey. They love mealworm treats and will eat them out of my hand but wouldn’t fall for the “follow the treats so I can pen you up” routine tonight.  Stirling  (the drake) just looked at me side-eyed and wouldn’t lead the girls over.  Hmph. I even made the treat sign with my hand but he was having none of it. 
Ripples, the young hen we hatched this year, has grown in her flight feathers and is zipping around the tops of the rabbit hutches and little coops, trying to avoid the two bossy older hens. She still wants hugs from me, which is really sweet. The yard is poop soup out there from the rain and my shirt looks and smells awful now from her climbing on me. Stirling is quite huffy about my interference but I’m still taller’n him so he’s just going to have put his dominance games on hold til I get back in the house.
The older two ladies are laying again and I’m excited because their eggs make superb hard boiled eggs and I’m going to make a batch of them pickled. 
Hey, at least it’s not pickled chicken feet or something. 


Well, maybe 😁.
Update on the rabbits another time, they aren’t doing much except eating… lots of eating.  As are the chickens. 


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