Bed hogs, I mean, dogs

​So I sleep in the spare bedroom when I have a cough or a crick in my neck. I have more room and Paul and I don’t disturb each other’s sleep as much.  Tonight he was gathering the dogs for bedtime and Nala jumped up with me and hid her nose in my armpit so that the then-annoyed cat (who was here first) couldn’t find her.  I sighed and let her sleep with me. 
Needless to say she’s a bed hog.  I literally don’t have room to lay flat on my back. And she pushes back!
In comes Geezer Sam, looking for me.  He has to make sure we are all in our places before he settles down.  He comes in sniffing and figures out I’m here.  He decides to try and jump up to sleep with me,  can’t quite make it but manages a perfect squeaky old man fart before he does that circle thing on the edge of my comforter that’s trailing on the floor and starts snoring as only he can.
Now I’m wide awake, laughing, and not sleepy anymore at all. 
I think I may go back in to sleep with Paul, cough and crick or no… this is gonna be a heck of a night.


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