Duck Tales

Took La Patita outside to meet the big ducks. Stirling was trying to bite her bill through the fence, Mud Puddle and Princess were less assertive.  I don’t know duck introduction protocol. Or introducktions. Heh.

Mama Mud Puddles made some strange noises which may have been female duck for “hey, you are a youngling, I think I’m supposed to do something maternal with you” or it may have been giving Stirling tailfeather kicking instructions. Who knows. Patita gave up trying to make friends and decided she was cold so I put her in my jacket and she supervised me feeding the rabbits and chickens.

The baby bun buns are in that lighting fast flying fluffball stage so photos weren’t an option. Little psychos. Bella looks mildly annoyed but not like when they REALLY start bugging her…

Not an egg in sight so we’ve had to get ours at the grocery store. Bummer. Freeloaders…


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