Feliz Naughty Dog!

Our beagle Sam the geezer dog is very attached to me. Whenever I leave the house without him he gets upset and gets into the kitchen trash. We’ve finally figured out that he can’t get to the kitchen trash if it’s up on the kitchen counter. Score for us, clever homo sapiens sapiens!


Now, of course, he finds other things to get into.  The recycling bin. Shoes. Laundry – the more, er, personal the item, the better. Ew.


Today he outdid himself. He must have had quite the plan. After cleaning up the normal array of chewed up cardboard, breadbags and cans, I found an abandoned cereal box next to the dog door. I picked it up and was surprised that it wasn’t empty. Oh. No. Sure enough, he’d pulled the cereal box off the shelf and tried to get into the rings o’ goodness inside. Because dogs are [i]carnivores[/i].


Chewed up cereal box
[center]At least they’re Gluten Free![/center]


I hollered “Saaaam!” in my best Rita Moreno voice, which isn’t very effective since he’s mostly deaf, and stomped angrily over to show the evidence to the Yngrdttr.


Exasperated, she exclaimed “Aaaaugh! Sam! That’s not even the right way to open a cereal box!”




Well, she’s not wrong.


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