All is quiet – too quiet

​I cannot believe I got up at 2 in the morning and went to look for Nala because it is *too* quiet. Her Xanax apparently knocked her out. Also knocks out her appetite, unfortunately.

Woke Paul up accidentally because faithful geezer dog Sam had to follow me every step of the way, click click click. I just do not understand how he ended up at Animal Control. He’s so funny and sweet and lovable. 

If you don’t like your trash strewn across the house when you leave, put the trash can up out of his reach. That is his only vice, so far. He’s too short to reach the counter or I’m sure he’d snitch food but that’s pretty normal. Bailey was worse because she COULD reach the counter, so I’m pretty immune to that. Seriously, after a dog regularly drinks your coffee, normal food snitching behavior just doesn’t bug you as much.

I love how Sam follows me around and snuffle-sniffs along the edge of the bed to make sure I’m there before settling down. He’s got character, this dog does. Plus, he loves us back, even though humans have obviously let him down.


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