Den, sweet Den…

​Paul just finished putting together the large wire crate to make a den of sorts for Nala (the border collie). The beagle Sam’s comfy bed of thrift store pillows and a blanket is right next to Nala’s new nighttime abode. I hope she uses it and it helps her anxiety. She’s taken to chewing her own ankle so we took her back to the vet. I haven’t seen an animal chew on themselves like that since I had a rat who chewed his own thumbs off. 

This anxiety misadventure has been pretty tiring for all of us. She crams herself in small spaces and digs at the floor or wall several times a night and awakens the whole house. I don’t know if it’s past abuse and stressors, the upheaval of changing owners and moving here, the crazy amount of sounds here versus the rural area she was in, but she is a pretty anxious dog. Walks don’t seem to make a difference. Touching her and speaking gently helps but we still have to get some sleep.

The Thundershirt only worked the once, which was very disappointing. I think it may be helpful still and she likes it but it’s also really hot. 

The herbal homeopathic stuff didn’t work. Didn’t work on my children when they were babies, same wussy ingredients.  The melatonin chews didn’t work, either. Heck, probably gave her weird dreams likes it does me. 

The Benadryl didn’t work well, she looked rather trapped in her own Yo Gabba Gabba episode. She also didn’t eat the days following the Benadryl, which really bothered me. 

I’m not going to talk about the night I tried all the remedies together. Shudder.

She’s continuing the fish oil and glucosamine supplements and starting Prozac and Xanax tomorrow. Sam takes Gabapentin for his arthritis and  is probably going to take Rimadyl. I might as well set up a whole cupboard for their “life insurance” as my grandfather called his vitamins and medications. 

I’m not sure what to think, I find it weird that they take the same stuff I’ve taken for pain and mental health. I hope it all helps. 

Costco is the cheapest pharmacy to fill prescriptions at, just like it was in the dark days when I had no insurance. I’ve never had to get a prescription for a dog at a human pharmacy before, I don’t know what I expected. The alprazolam was only six bucks, which is good.

I love my geezer dog Sam and my sweet Nala Bala, but I guess I didn’t think about the complexity of medical care that older dogs would require. Ah well, my whole life revolves around feeding people and critters and cleaning up after them so this just adds a bit to that.

Sleep well! 


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