The mouths of babes…

​I’m upstairs reading yet another fun Ilona Andrews book, relaxing.   

The hubby is not feeling well and the daughter is bored so I told her she should play nurse and see if Daddy would like a glass of water.  She was delighted with the idea,  skipping out saying “Oh, yay,  we can both be nurses and help Daddy feel better.  Except you,  you’re the lazy nurse.”
Truth hurts, man.


My house, my rules

My bed remains unmade at 1121 am because the cat won’t get off the covers. 

I rule this house with an iron fist. 

#cursesfoiledagain #junecleaverImnot

Need some visine?

​LMAO, I just looked over at the dog. I’ve been absent-mindedly skritching her on her shoulders and her eyes were just baaarely open,  like she’d just smoked a smoooooth bowl or something.  As soon as she saw I was looking she opened her eyes like “no way,  I’m totally sober, man.”