Children’s Day

Yngrdottr is literally sobbing her heart out into her pillow because the US doesn’t have a Children’s Day like China and it is “unfair to her.” She learned about it two weeks ago in Art Camp and it has bothered her since then. Apparently it is most unjust to have a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day without a Children’s Day.

I admit,  I have zero sympathy and having just spent a week and a half concentrating on her ladyship by myself,  I was kinda short with her.  In her life, pretty much every darn day is Children’s Day. 

I feel a chores day coming on,  myself. A nice, long clean your room day. Maybe even pull some weeds and do some dishes day.

Crying because there is no US Children’s Day.  What next?

I actually think she is upset by something else but isn’t aware of it. Plus, she’s tired even if it might kill her to say so.

Thank you,  China,  for making bedtime difficult tonight.


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