Ah, fluffy feathery things to chase

We took Nala to get her car harness, collar,  and nametag today. She had a moment when she really didn’t think she should be going into That Place, but calmed down when we just walked and shopped. She was really well behaved.

Making friends!

We went to the park after that and she was well behaved on the leash, too.  She really likes the Eldrdottr and just plopped right down on her,  which was great. She hasn’t even done that with me.

I'll just watch your purse for you. In case you have treats.

Another sign that Nala is coming out of her shell is that she really,  really wants to chase the chickens and ducks. She even barked a little! She gets SUPER sad when I tell her no. I mean,  I want to stop my chores and go apologize she looks so dejected. A sad, mistreated long-haired ottoman with oddly tiny ears. 

Of course she goes right back to looking like she’s going to chase the ducks through the fence when I am not paying attention but I think we can work with it.  She doesn’t seem like it’s a “kill it” thing,  more like a “play/herd/lookit they run!” thing… Bailey was like that,  too. Look, feather dusters with LEGS! And NOISES. Fun!

The ducks are supremely annoyed.  Rosie,  the lead hen,  no doubt thinks they are big weenies.

Every time I walk through the room Sheila has occupied a different spot yet manages to look like she has never moved in her life. She is well pleased with her bed,  trying out different positions like a teenager on the telephone.  I’m beginning to think she might be pulling my leg,  just a little, hoping for motivational liver treats. Maybe.

Another good dog day…


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