Baked Tilapia

I’ve been using the Food Planner app and it’s been great! I find recipes (or write my own – ha) online and import them to the app to plan meals and grocery shop. The inventory and pricing features on the app are less useful because most of my shopping is at Trader Joe’s and none of their products show up.

Tonight I made baked tilapia (we like tilapia) from a recipe from Paleo Grubs.


I made a romaine, arugula and baby spinach salad with pears, jicama and avocado sides.


I made a batch of Trader Joe’s gluten free cornbread as mini muffins. I’ll be serving more of the batch on another night and saving the rest in the freezer for lunches or breakfasts. They have sugar in them, unfortunately, so Linnae loves them.


I also made a terrific riced cauliflower dish with garlic, olive oil and basil from another paleo website recipe. Linnae didn’t like the crunchiness but we adults did. I’m eating the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow topped with an egg and red chile.


All together it made a great meal. I think sliced tomatoes would have been tasty but I am constitutionally opposed to unripe out-of-season tomatoes…



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