Children’s Day

Yngrdottr is literally sobbing her heart out into her pillow because the US doesn’t have a Children’s Day like China and it is “unfair to her.” She learned about it two weeks ago in Art Camp and it has bothered her since then. Apparently it is most unjust to have a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day without a Children’s Day.

I admit,  I have zero sympathy and having just spent a week and a half concentrating on her ladyship by myself,  I was kinda short with her.  In her life, pretty much every darn day is Children’s Day. 

I feel a chores day coming on,  myself. A nice, long clean your room day. Maybe even pull some weeds and do some dishes day.

Crying because there is no US Children’s Day.  What next?

I actually think she is upset by something else but isn’t aware of it. Plus, she’s tired even if it might kill her to say so.

Thank you,  China,  for making bedtime difficult tonight.


Ah, fluffy feathery things to chase

We took Nala to get her car harness, collar,  and nametag today. She had a moment when she really didn’t think she should be going into That Place, but calmed down when we just walked and shopped. She was really well behaved.

Making friends!

We went to the park after that and she was well behaved on the leash, too.  She really likes the Eldrdottr and just plopped right down on her,  which was great. She hasn’t even done that with me.

I'll just watch your purse for you. In case you have treats.

Another sign that Nala is coming out of her shell is that she really,  really wants to chase the chickens and ducks. She even barked a little! She gets SUPER sad when I tell her no. I mean,  I want to stop my chores and go apologize she looks so dejected. A sad, mistreated long-haired ottoman with oddly tiny ears. 

Of course she goes right back to looking like she’s going to chase the ducks through the fence when I am not paying attention but I think we can work with it.  She doesn’t seem like it’s a “kill it” thing,  more like a “play/herd/lookit they run!” thing… Bailey was like that,  too. Look, feather dusters with LEGS! And NOISES. Fun!

The ducks are supremely annoyed.  Rosie,  the lead hen,  no doubt thinks they are big weenies.

Every time I walk through the room Sheila has occupied a different spot yet manages to look like she has never moved in her life. She is well pleased with her bed,  trying out different positions like a teenager on the telephone.  I’m beginning to think she might be pulling my leg,  just a little, hoping for motivational liver treats. Maybe.

Another good dog day…

Baked Tilapia

I’ve been using the Food Planner app and it’s been great! I find recipes (or write my own – ha) online and import them to the app to plan meals and grocery shop. The inventory and pricing features on the app are less useful because most of my shopping is at Trader Joe’s and none of their products show up.

Tonight I made baked tilapia (we like tilapia) from a recipe from Paleo Grubs.


I made a romaine, arugula and baby spinach salad with pears, jicama and avocado sides.


I made a batch of Trader Joe’s gluten free cornbread as mini muffins. I’ll be serving more of the batch on another night and saving the rest in the freezer for lunches or breakfasts. They have sugar in them, unfortunately, so Linnae loves them.


I also made a terrific riced cauliflower dish with garlic, olive oil and basil from another paleo website recipe. Linnae didn’t like the crunchiness but we adults did. I’m eating the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow topped with an egg and red chile.


All together it made a great meal. I think sliced tomatoes would have been tasty but I am constitutionally opposed to unripe out-of-season tomatoes…


Sheila and Nala

My aunt passed away suddenly and I am caring for two of her dogs,  one of whom is blind and arthritic.  Sheila (the older blind one) and Nala are very sweet dogs and I’m hoping to give them a good home.

Napping is good

I spent Friday evening and yesterday brushing and cutting out terrible fur mats and showing them their new yard and the basement.  I don’t think Sheila can make it up or down the stairs. She has thoroughly explored her space and is bonking her nose less and less.  Nala is apparently terrified of the stairs.

Lots of mats

Sheila (the old one) figured out today where her brand new spiffy dog bed is and looked very comfy. She is perkier than yesterday,  but really just wants the occasional skritch and a cool spot.  She really enjoys the breeze coming down the stairs from the swamp cooler.

Nala is getting comfortable, which is good, but bad in that she thinks taking herself ‘sploring is a great idea. Imagine the sight of me trying to coax her out from under the neighbor’s VW bus. In large yellow paisley harem pants.


Now that you’re done scratching your mental eyeballs out,  I will say that she is being really sweet about things but I can see that we are going to have to work on Going Down Stairs Works As Well As Going Up. I do not know what bothers her so much about using stairs in front of me. She will go up them when we aren’t looking and refuses to go back down.  I can take her around the house,  through the gate,  to the backyard, but I’d really rather she just went back down the stairs herself. We’ll figure it out.


Nala is very polite and wants love constantly. She is adorable about it,  not demanding.

Pets, please

Linnae insisted on taking Sheila’s bowl to her,  which I am pleased with.  Taking care of someone is important. Learning to comfort someone and make sure they have all they need when they are in pain and  declining is important,  too. I think Sheila and Linnae are going to make a good pair.

Neither dog seems too overly interested in the chickens, thankfully.

Just walks.