Chicken broccoli quinoa skillet

It isn’t photogenic but Linnae ate every bite! This is a tremendous victory as sh e is incredibly picky and usually is highly displeased with Foods That Touch Each Other.

I get frozen organic broccoli from Costco, frozen chicken thigh meat from Trader Joe’s (I know, I know, but it was convenient), a packet of that weird garlicky quinoa brown rice blend Costco sells (for garlic lovers only, let me tell ya) and three beaten eggs.

Oil in skillet. Cook eggs and stir in cut up chicken. Get impatient and stir in thawed broccoli (I thawed it while cutting up the chicken to save a bit of time, obviously you don’t have to). Stir in quinoa and reminisce about that one guy in the National Guard who took garlic pills for his heart. Look at clock and realize dinner might be ready before husband is home. Turn heat down and ask child to set the table….

The cool thing is that SHE DIDN’T NOTICE THE EGGS! (Insert mom fist pump here)…

The leftovers will be great for lunches and SHE ATE EGGS!!

I served it with organic spring mix from Costco and cut up avocado.

Hope your dinner worked out well, too!

(She ate the eggs!)



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