Ah, home ownership…

New space age fridge replaced our old 1980’s bought-from-Craigslist-delight. The noises it was making were far too avalanche-like to ignore anymore. After a false start involving the digital display, everything is now a go, Houston. As soon as we renovate the floor so it fits where it’s supposed to, we will even have ICE! Imagine the poshness…

Ordered an equally fancy schmancy gas stove to replace the cranky “I will boil your food whether you want me to or not” glass top electric stove that can also cast off the oven handle to escape predators.  We haven’t told the electric stove yet but it’s headed for that happy recycling center in the sky.

My canner is not supposed to go on a glass-top electric stove anyway.

Once we prised the stove from it’s pre-Cambrian nest of grease and pulled it out, we discovered that there is no gas hookup. We also discovered a somehow pristine brand new pencil and a rather road-weary McDonald’s happy meal toy Barbie, but they weren’t any help. Linnae has taken them into her custody. We’ve called Davis Plumbers who by now recognize our number after the Water Heater Debacle of 2016. Just kidding, it wasn’t a debacle. Just a minor discommodation. Who needs a hot bath, anyway?

I’ll keep you posted, I’m sure our appliance woes have you on the edge of your seat.


Chicken broccoli quinoa skillet

It isn’t photogenic but Linnae ate every bite! This is a tremendous victory as sh e is incredibly picky and usually is highly displeased with Foods That Touch Each Other.

I get frozen organic broccoli from Costco, frozen chicken thigh meat from Trader Joe’s (I know, I know, but it was convenient), a packet of that weird garlicky quinoa brown rice blend Costco sells (for garlic lovers only, let me tell ya) and three beaten eggs.

Oil in skillet. Cook eggs and stir in cut up chicken. Get impatient and stir in thawed broccoli (I thawed it while cutting up the chicken to save a bit of time, obviously you don’t have to). Stir in quinoa and reminisce about that one guy in the National Guard who took garlic pills for his heart. Look at clock and realize dinner might be ready before husband is home. Turn heat down and ask child to set the table….

The cool thing is that SHE DIDN’T NOTICE THE EGGS! (Insert mom fist pump here)…

The leftovers will be great for lunches and SHE ATE EGGS!!

I served it with organic spring mix from Costco and cut up avocado.

Hope your dinner worked out well, too!

(She ate the eggs!)


Ten, Hut!

Teaching children to say “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” and “please” and “thank you” with genuine respect for another human being can really save their lives. It is SO much easier to keep my cool in general when Linnae is polite. Which in turn makes it easier for her to BE polite.

I am so grateful to her first grade teacher for reinforcing this. Her incredible kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Labor, and her assistant Mrs. Messier nurtured respect for each other and loving behavior. Mr. Callahan has built upon this with teaching them the communication of respect. He also entertains them with a sarcastic, silly sense of humor which I find amazing in conjunction with the “yes, sir” environment but is another good lesson for the kids.

I am not saying Paul and I didn’t start her off well (mostly Paul’s example, probably, I am better at fart jokes), I am just really grateful her teachers continue it rather than make it more difficult.

I have learned so much from Linnae. Each child is an education. I guess grandchildren probably will be, too.