One gigantor bag of raw peeled shrimp from Costco and a container of pre-chopped “healthy mixed vegetables” (yes, I’m that lazy) later and we had a nice dinner. I used taco shells from Trader Joe’s and Pace salsa from Costco. I seriously live in those two stores.

I stir-fried the vegetable mix in avocado oil in my large cast iron skillet. Not sure if stir-fried is the correct term, there, but you aren’t reading this because I’m a cook, you’re reading this because you 1) are related to me 2) are bored or 3) just want ideas of what to make for %&/! dinner…

I cut the thawed shrimp into quarters and added it to the skillet. I seasoned with garlic powder, oregano and lemon juice. Aha! I bought the lemon juice at Smith’s! It was on sale for 10 for $10. They don’t sell it at TJ’s. I don’t like the stuff at Costco and it spoils before I finish it. Plus who can resist those cute little lemon squeezee bottles? I have no idea why I was skulking around Smith’s…

I will note here that this made enough for probably 15 tacos. We ate five tacos and will eat the rest on salad greens tomorrow. I should have used HALF the ingredients. What can I say, I was hungry.

*I* enjoyed these shrimp tacos immensely. I would have enjoyed them more had I remembered to serve them with avocado like I intended. Le sigh.

Linnae did not approve of the shrimp. I forgot she had decided she disliked the texture of shrimp now. Cutting it up so small seemed to help, since she actually ate it rather than dramatically gagging and faking her own demise at the dinner table.



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