Baked Tilapia

I’ve been using the Food Planner app and it’s been great! I find recipes (or write my own – ha, I hate measuring) online and import them to the app to plan meals and grocery shop. The inventory and pricing features on the app are less useful because most of my shopping is at Trader Joe’s and none of their products show up. Also, the pricing setup requires YOU to figure out the price per unit. That makes it harder to price compare. I will probably continue my price tracking in Evernote to make sure I am still making wise choices.

Because I planned ahead and got things ready in bits and pieces, I got to plan a bigger meal than normal. I think a person could do all this in an hour, easy, I just puttered at it half the afternoon.

The muffins took 25 minutes to bake, the tilapia 15, and since I used pre-riced cauliflower I think I only spent about fifteen minutes sauteeing that.  The salad was easy, I get a lot of things pre-prepped at Trader Joe’s, if there isn’t a less expensive and more labor intensive option possible. I totally figured the riced cauliflower was worth it after the last time I tried ricing my own. That stuff is like styrofoam and gives me about the same heebeejeebees. Shudder. Also, it gives me a reliable amount to work with. I used some as a salad topping last night and cooked the remainder today.

I made baked tilapia (we like tilapia, and we like it often since it is wayyyy less expensive than salmon) from a recipe from Taste of Home. I didn’t have lemon juice so I substituted balsamic vinegar. Do not do that. Yuck. It didn’t ruin it but *I* could taste it. Blech.


I made a romaine, arugula and baby spinach salad with diced pears, diced jicama and avocado slices.


I made a batch of Trader Joe’s gluten free cornbread as mini muffins. I’ll be serving more of the batch on another night and saving the rest in the freezer for lunches or breakfasts (a third of the batch suits the three of us for one meal – about four mini muffins each).

They have sugar in them, unfortunately, so Linnae loves them. I had to substitute unsweetened soy milk for the milk because of our dairy issues. And yes, yes, I know corn and all that isn’t Paleo but there’s only so into it we’re gonna get.


I also made a terrific riced cauliflower dish with crushed garlic, a frozen basil cube, olive oil, salt, onion powder, dried onion, some dried chives and dried basil for good measure from a Primal Palate recipe. Obviously I am not good at following recipes to a tee ;).

Linnae didn’t like the crunchiness and pantomimed dying at the table but we adults enjoyed it. The home theatre not so much .

I’m eating the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow topped with an egg and red chile. I do not ordinarily care for cauliflower at all, so I’m enthused.


All together it made a great meal. I think sliced tomatoes would have been tasty as well, but I am constitutionally opposed to unripe out-of-season tomatoes…


What’s for dinner in YOUR house? Have any tips on these recipes?


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