Hash, Heavenly or not?

Well, since I have a headache today that is making all food sound disgusting, I wanted to make an easy supper. Dinner. Evening meal. Whatever you call it in your neck of the woods… This dish is all about using leftovers. I think of it as Midwestern cooking, as my grandmother who made this all the time was from Kansas. It is a wonderful comfort food on a cold day.

I used a quart of homemade beef broth; a pound of ground beef, browned; about five russet potatoes, bite size; a couple handfuls of thin green beans from the freezer, snapped into smaller pieces; frozen broccoli; a can of corn; some dried onion because I forgot to get fresh at the store; garlic powder; dried parsley; salt; pepper; thyme; Worcestershire sauce. Simmer till the potatoes are soft and starting to “cook down” where the broth is no longer clear. Most people do not want *mush* but that tastes good, too.

I only used the broccoli because it was there. I normally would add a chopped carrot but really only for form’s sake, none of us like cooked carrots.

My grandmother would make it with leftover potatoes and carrots from making a beef roast. If she had leftover roast she would use that and add a can of peas and corn or maybe green beans and boy, was it good. She used ground beef if there wasn’t leftover roast. She was the best roast-maker ever and was good at making hash, too. Most of our vegetables at her house were out of cans, preferably Del Monte or Libby. That was spoiling us, good quality canned vegetables ;).  Having tasted generic vegetables later in life, I appreciate it!

My other grandmother always had fresh vegetables, right from her garden, so the contrast was striking. Mom used both, veered more towards the healthy fresh and frozen side…


What are YOU having for dinner? What do you cook when you have a headache?


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