‘Mexican’ Shrimp

Tonight’s low-carb yummy dinner was red Argentinean shrimp sauteed in my big cast iron skillet (in bacon grease) with zucchini, tri color peppers, a smidge of onion, a cube of Dorot frozen garlic, ditto of basil, a dash of oregano, cumin, salt. You could add spicier stuff, lemon or lime, but this is ‘mykidissopicky’ friendly 🙂

I smashed an avocado with a couple cut up campari tomatoes and added a dash of lemon juice (yes, my tongue hurts) and a liberal dash of homemade tex-mex chili spice blend. Served with unsalted corn tortilla chips of which I stalwartly only ate five.

I think I bought all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s, no surprise there.

My dinner was 333 calories! 18g of carbs! I’m trying to be more strictly Paleo, reading the Whole30 book, “It Starts With Food.” Low carb was good for me with gestational diabetes, Paleo has been great for us as a family with food sensitivities, Whole30 is still a bit out of reach. Getting closer.The dietary slips, trips and falls of the school year and normal life has derailed us. I am heavier than ever, we both have sleep issues, and the Dotterling isn’t feeling tip top with all those prepackaged gluten free “treats”… Not sure why they have to celebrate every darn birthday, holiday, etc at school with cupcakes and gross popcorn, but they do.

I put the brakes on our decline last week. Here’s to keeping it going longer this round.

What I’ve noticed taking out nearly all carbs all day (we use the free MyFitnessPal to track) is that it’s really hard to eat more than 400 calories in a sitting. Part of the cheat with the chips was that I am supposed to eat 1200 calories a day and it’s proving difficult. I’m eating fruit and veggies galore and making sure I get protein and fat, but without grains, legumes and sugars, it’s super difficult. I’ll get there. I’ve got to get used to this…