The road to hell is paved with waffles

They say gluttony is a sin….

Welp, with the help of this waffle iron, Imma goin’ ta Hell straightaway.

Made these with about two cups oat flour (make it in the blender, easy peasy), a quarter cup tapioca starch, 1 cup rice flour, not sure how much arrowroot flour, 1 cup cashew meal, 1 cup almond meal, small can coconut cream (without fillers), a pint jar of home canned peaches, some mango smoothie from the fridge because the batter was too thick, a cup of hemp seed, a quarter cup of chia seed, six eggs, I think, 1 tbsp vanilla, 3 tbsp black strap molasses, cinnamon, 3 tsp baking powder. These measurements aren’t precise, it’s all about the texture of the batter. This makes a ton of waffles for us to freeze and pop in the micro then toast for a quick breakfast.

Google a recipe for gluten free waffles and go from there. I don’t add salt because I think the baking powder tastes salty enough.




Black Widow

On the Renner/Evans jokingly calling Black Widow a slut fiasco… dudes, imagine you have a daughter who is about six and loves the “fictional character” you are about to denigrate, I mean, joke about. Now, run future jokes past that. If this doesn’t work, imagine telling the joke to your great aunt Myrna who cooks with cast iron.

Now, get a cast iron pan and take it with you to future interviews for reinforcement.


It’s travel size!

@Chris Evans @Renner4real

The End of the Sentence

This evoked memories of cleaning out my great-uncle’s house in the late 1970’s, he hadn’t changed anything there in at least thirty years. A unique story, a little scary, a little mysterious, a lot interesting.

Check out this book on Goodreads: The End of the Sentence

Green Acres

There’s something philosophical in the mad blinking of the incubator light making me think of a cheap motel, but I’m not sure what…

Henrietta tried to make a run for it BACK into the chicken yard. Not sure how she got that high, but Paul found her hanging upside down by one leg, from the fence, about three feet up. This is why they are the domesticated livestock. I’m sure she wouldn’t have made it through the night that way…