Cold Sore Cold War

My favorite doc tells me that holding a cotton pad soaked in 91% alcohol (not the wussy 70%, mind you, the really flammable kind) on my cold sore for twenty minutes or so will penetrate deeply and zap the virus “bloom”. Won’t prevent future outbreaks but will lessen this one and I won’t get an outbreak in that exact spot again.

That would be great! I hate cold sores and for some reason they are hitting me monthly right now (yes, I get the monthly thing, I also think it’s because I’m reading very badly right now).

So I brainfart that and use hydrogen peroxide, decide he’s trying to kill me, like when he recommended oregano oil for a lesion in my nostril (was effective but everything smelled like pizza for DAYS) and then realize I was using the wrong thing. Hang up the phone mid-call to that friend of my cousin Vinnie who sells cement shoes. Doc gets to live another day.

The alcohol actually was an improvement over the peroxide. I’ll let you know if it works. It is affecting the nerve a bit because I can feel it down my chin…


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