Darn dog

Odd, how you never see Lassie’s family wearing straitjackets and frothing at the mouth because she’s fecking pacing around the house, click, click, click. Nope. Because she’s SMART and goes to BED instead of thinking she can find a place to hide her rawhide in a house with HARD FLOORS.


The bionic woman’s dog, Rex, didn’t stink like a polecat, either. And I bet he didn’t snore.


Yeah, and Benjy was probably smelly but he was so darned cute it was forgivable. And what about Digby? He was pretty cool. Bailey, you aren’t that cool.

Wait, no, Digby would have been a mess. I like Bailey better.

You are saved, dog, merely because I would hate to have to groom Digby.

CLICK. snuffle. Snort. Fart.



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