Of Bone And Thunder by Chris Evans

After a disappointing experience with a book that shall not be named, I picked up my other loaner from the library. Sixteen pages in, I checked the book jacket to see if my prediction about the author was correct – yup, military historian, also wrote a novel about Viet Nam. Very detailed, descriptive writing about the jungle – not technically Viet Nam, this is a *fantasy* novel, but still obvious.

Made me laugh already, clench my teeth in sympathy, and grossed me out a bit, too. Also had some terrific hard boiled swearing. I was gonna like it, I could tell….

If you like gritty war novels, you will enjoy reading this. The fantasy elements are interesting (thaumaturgy, dragons, dwarves, etc) but honestly, my mind kept substituting ‘technology,’ ‘helicopters,’ and ‘African American soldiers’ so I mainly enjoyed this as the thinly-veiled based-on-Vietnam novel that it was. A good read, I highly recommend it. Some of the best soldierly lines of cynicism I’ve ever read.


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