Making hash

So, as tasty as that Thai rabbit- coconut soup was two days ago, it didn’t seem appetizing today.  I pureed about four cups in the blender to disguise the evil mushrooms from the daughter.

I cooked cubed sweet potatoes in olive oil, then chopped up leftover cooked rabbit and added that, the pureed soup mixture, a couple handfuls of frozen peas, about a cup of frozen shredded zucchini (again, a disguise), some ‘peeled onion’, and a pinch of thyme… Salt… Still needed something.. yet tasted familiar..

It tasted NOTHING like the soup that I’d pureed, more like the filling to a south American tamale I had eaten several years ago at a barber shop I worked at. Barbers love treats, that customer was an awesome cook. The tamale’s filling was made out of a chicken stew with peas and a green olive in the middle as the “toy surprise inside” for the palate…

Alas, nothing but boring black olives in this house at the moment. I rummaged in the fridge and found a jar of sevillano olive juice I’d been saving to try pickling eggs with. Perfect!

I’m looking forward to dinner!

[Update: was good, very filling, probably had too much fat. Really needed those olives!]



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