Thai stuff soup

I used leftover broth from our pho we got the other day at our favorite Thai restaurant, Krung Thai. They make great Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian food. I added several cups of homemade rabbit broth. I added a dash of fish sauce, powdered ginger (only a little because it makes the hubby queasy) and these spices I bought at our local Asian market,Ta Lin:


some dried cilantro, some cilantro I had frozen, thinly sliced onion (I used a peeler! Why didn’t I try that eons ago?)

I added these cans of goodness (ordinarily I prefer Coconut cream but couldn’t find any without additives) (I also haven’t used these mushrooms before but this is what I had in the pantry):


I had half a bag of leftover baby spinach so I put that in… I used cooked rabbit instead of chicken and about a quarter cup of leftover tofu cubes Owl hadn’t finished… I put a dash of red pepper flakes, hopefully she won’t notice.


It needs SOMETHING else zingy but I can’t figure out what.. possibly lime juice? I added a little..


With zing 😉


Note: calling the noodly looking mushrooms “mother nature’s noodles” did not fool her…. She totally didn’t enjoy that. Won’t get those again.

Paul and I enjoyed our soup very much.


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