Making hash

So, as tasty as that Thai rabbit- coconut soup was two days ago, it didn’t seem appetizing today.  I pureed about four cups in the blender to disguise the evil mushrooms from the daughter.

I cooked cubed sweet potatoes in olive oil, then chopped up leftover cooked rabbit and added that, the pureed soup mixture, a couple handfuls of frozen peas, about a cup of frozen shredded zucchini (again, a disguise), some ‘peeled onion’, and a pinch of thyme… Salt… Still needed something.. yet tasted familiar..

It tasted NOTHING like the soup that I’d pureed, more like the filling to a south American tamale I had eaten several years ago at a barber shop I worked at. Barbers love treats, that customer was an awesome cook. The tamale’s filling was made out of a chicken stew with peas and a green olive in the middle as the “toy surprise inside” for the palate…

Alas, nothing but boring black olives in this house at the moment. I rummaged in the fridge and found a jar of sevillano olive juice I’d been saving to try pickling eggs with. Perfect!

I’m looking forward to dinner!

[Update: was good, very filling, probably had too much fat. Really needed those olives!]



Thai stuff soup

I used leftover broth from our pho we got the other day at our favorite Thai restaurant, Krung Thai. They make great Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian food. I added several cups of homemade rabbit broth. I added a dash of fish sauce, powdered ginger (only a little because it makes the hubby queasy) and these spices I bought at our local Asian market,Ta Lin:


some dried cilantro, some cilantro I had frozen, thinly sliced onion (I used a peeler! Why didn’t I try that eons ago?)

I added these cans of goodness (ordinarily I prefer Coconut cream but couldn’t find any without additives) (I also haven’t used these mushrooms before but this is what I had in the pantry):


I had half a bag of leftover baby spinach so I put that in… I used cooked rabbit instead of chicken and about a quarter cup of leftover tofu cubes Owl hadn’t finished… I put a dash of red pepper flakes, hopefully she won’t notice.


It needs SOMETHING else zingy but I can’t figure out what.. possibly lime juice? I added a little..


With zing 😉


Note: calling the noodly looking mushrooms “mother nature’s noodles” did not fool her…. She totally didn’t enjoy that. Won’t get those again.

Paul and I enjoyed our soup very much.

Chicken drama

Well, the oven temp went up too much somehow. No hatching eggs rescued from the broody. On the other hand, one was nearly there, another mere days away, two had apparently stopped a while back, and three were rotten. I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to eat dinner after that, so…

That would be an effective dieting aid, let me tell you. Sulfur springs are stinkier than the actual rotten eggs were but the smell of sulfur is somehow less … invasive. Pervasive? Insistent? Not sure what word to use but… Yuck.

The good news is lil’ Peep seems just fine, even if she is an only child. She spends a lot of time admiring herself in the mirror.


Dessert in the freezer

About 1/2 the dish quinoa or brown rice sprinkled with hemp seed, sliced almonds, a piece of spiced Apple leftover from breakfast, four tablespoons of the syrup from the spiced apples,


a pinch of lemon peel, a pinch of dried orange peel, teensy pinch of cardamom powder, 1 chopped fig each container, about ten raisins each.

Pop in the micro when you want a very rich dessert.