Life’s little surprises

I never thought I’d have a two am feeding for an animal we raise to eat. I’m pretty sure if this cutie patootie lives he or she will not be dinner.

The little furry miracle is doing better with us holding a droplet of our formula mixture at his lips for him to lap up. I’m fairly certain that le cafe Wolfen is going to get a scathing review on Yelp, however. Tonight’s mishap was the darn syringe had a clog and I got a bunch up his nose.

Let me tell you, gently sucking on a rabbit kit’s nose to get milk out so they don’t aspirate is NOT what I anticipated doing. Helped, though.

Furry thing is still easier to take care of than the Tyrant was. So much quieter 🙂

Well, I’m off for more sleep tool I hear more scrabbling in his little box. I hope this little fighter wins…


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