Hide and sneak

I came up to the crafts room to hide out and drink coffee work on a knitting project for a friend… This room SOUNDS great but right now is mainly “the room in which we toss all arts and crafts materials indiscriminately like Phyllis Diller’s hairbrush drawer.” “Crafts Room” sounds much better.

Paul was outside working on something involving much banging and clashing and apparently some roof tramping, and Linnae was quietly (!) playing something or other on the computer.

Next thing I know Linnae is up here with me, playing with moldable sand and listening to a Hallowe’en book on CD over and over. And over. And one more time for good measure.

The cat, of course, follows Linnae everywhere.


My lap has been occupied.

Guess I wasn’t sneaky enough. Sorry, friend, I think your gift is going to take a wee bit longer 🙂


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