An “eggstra” special egg..

As the proud, if slightly impoverished, owners of a sizeable backyard flock of chickens, we have a lot of eggs. Many. Mucho. Pleeenty. A veritable plethora of poultry product.

(My five year old is working on alliteration in school, can you tell?)

The easiest way for me to deal with all these eggs is to hard cook them then either snack on them plain, devilled, or pickled. I hadn’t had pickled eggs until I started making them and I really enjoy the amazing, tangy flavor. I never knew my tongue could curl that direction. (Well, outside of you know, trying that thing with the cherry stem whilst drinking too many mai-tais in college.)

ANYWAY. Some time ago we graduated from boiling eggs in water to steaming them in our rice cooker and we’ve never looked back. Easy-peasy and peel like a dream. No, really. No more zombie attack victim eggs on MY party trays! Stand back Betty Crocker, the diva of deviled eggs is in the house!

Paul steamed a bunch of hard cooked eggs tonight and while I was putting them in the ancient container from 1970-something that we use to store them in the fridge, I peeled one hot and ate it.

It was a flavor epiphany. It was nothing like a chilled hard boiled egg. Nothing at all like the bland, warm, hard cooked eggs of my childhood breakfasts. And nohing at all like your typical, rubbery Easter egg.

It was smoky and hot, smooth-textured and just … fresh. (There I go with the mai-tai man thing again.. There were no pictures, it didn’t happen.)

The egg itself was only a few days old at most, and steaming it brought out a complexity of flavor in the yolk that I have never experienced. I immediately wondered if I could hard cook an egg in the coals of a campfire or a Dutch oven without blowing it up. Probably not, but I can find out.

Boy, that was some egg.

Wonder if we have any pineapple juice…


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