Bedtime shenanigans

Our daughter has chosen to sleep on a sofa bed for the last few nights and it’s been perplexing. I don’t mind her changing beds but … why?

At first I thought it might be because that’s where her grandma slept when she came to visit. I was touched. I thought “aww, she misses her GG.” My best attempt at casual questioning on this topic produced a blank look, however, so I changed tack.

Linnae mentioned yesterday that she would like her sheets changed. Aha! I thought, she is sleeping in there because her sheets are dirty and those are cleaner! Nope, she’s still a real five-year-old and wouldn’t recognize dirty sheets if they got up and did the Hokey Pokey. She just wanted the flannel ones because 1) she was getting chilly at night – mainly because she refuses to sleep UNDER the covers – and 2) putting those on the bed mean I’m admitting that Christmas is coming.

Tonight at dinner I broached the topic again. Is there something wrong? I channeled my 1970’s “gentle earth mother” persona as best I could. I mostly ended up feeling like Kaa in Disney’s Jungle Books but it worked.

With uncharacteristic hesitation, Linnae admitted that actually, yes, there was something wrong. She wanted her bedrails back on her bed. I was taken aback. Perhaps she’s feeling insecure with the myriad pressures of kindergarten… Perhaps she is upset with all the rearranging we’ve done in the arts and crafts room… Perhaps the planetary spheres have misaligned and it’s disturbing her aetherial sensibilities…


Her Elmer the Patchwork Elephant doll keeps falling out of the bed without the rail and the sofa bed has a built in back so she prefers it.

She’s back in her bed tonight, snoring away.


2 thoughts on “Bedtime shenanigans”

  1. I often find myself sleeping on the couch, but I that’s because I’m a sleep walker. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could channel my 1970s gentle earth mother and get the answers I’ve been looking for?


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