Wrath of the Gods

I’ve told this one before but a friend of my neice shared a joke on Facebook that made me think of it again.

I was cutting hair at McHaircutsRUs on a blustery day and a young man blew in and sat in my chair. 

I had a routine of teasing guys in khaki pants and plaid shirts about being engineers (they almost always were) or trying to find out if they were right handed or left handed by the swirl of their hair. I also occasionally was downright nosy. 

Even though it’s against the Barber Code, I’ll talk about anything, even religion. Not politics, I’m using sharp instruments and they don’t go well with politics.

So this young man, in his twenties, of Indian descent, was answering my question about his family’s religious beliefs and if it was odd growing up in America. His family was very relaxed about religion but he knew a lot about the Indian pantheon of gods. 

I gauged that he wouldn’t be offended by a humorous story so I told him how I found the Buddhist altar offerings in the Vietnamese nail shop next to where I used to work to be a little strange. You know, a cup of coffee one day, a donut another day, a cigarette… I said no WONDER Buddha was all fat and happy, unlike the Greek gods, if he got offerings like that all the time. Just as I laughed, the lights in the shop went out.

My young friend whispered ”good thing you weren’t making fun of Shiva…”


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