Let’s call it Cioppino

Sauteed chopped sorrel, kale, fresh parsely, celery, onion, garlic cloves, a bit of turnip greens because I could, in olive oil. The more bitter greens sweetened right up!


Added diced tomatoes. Have I mentioned that cast iron skillets rule?


I’m too lazy to dice fresh tomatoes.


Added pinons, Kerrygold butter, dried basil, and cooked everything until the onions were soft, the onions turned pink from the sorrel. Put in a couple tablespoons of lemon juice. I added the entire bag of seafood blend from Costco but could have halved that.  Fed three adults and the Tyrant, with enough leftover for two adult lunches. Had I halved the seafood we probably would have eaten all the greens.


Linnae protested at the tomatoes but ate everything but the mussels. She loves shrimp so we traded. Had I not been cooking for her, too, I would have added red pepper flakes.

This was a splurge meal, but a darned fine one!


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