Fomenting fermentation in the kitchen!

Today I puttered in the kitchen quite a bit, it was very nice.

Checked the state of my three kombucha jars. Drank most of Jar Number 1, fed it, urged the Boy and the Husband to drink some, too. They humor me. I think I’m ready to purchase a crock for Big Mama Scoby and let it go to town! I am not sure why all the scobies in Jar 2 sink to the bottom. There are three down there now, and a new one growing on the top. One of the scoby-lets from jar 2 is doing fine in a smaller jar and not sinking, I think it might be because I keep messing with Jar 2. The jar makes kombucha just fine, just has that flotation issue…

IMAG0709the mother is looking nice and solid


aaah, delicious!

I also checked the state of apple cider vinegar jar 1, added some water. Made ACV jar two from apple scraps, will now save scraps to make apple cider itself to make vinegar.  The scrap method takes several months, I am hoping to reduce the time by pureeing it and straining it. We shall see. Once I get the vinegar thing down, I will tackle hard cider.


Also checked the status of the pickled veggies in the fridge, along with the pickled eggs. Ate some. Need more eggs now. 🙂 I will not be making more pickled veggies too soon because that last honker batch is HUGE and still in there, since it’s a bit spicy. Oops. I like it but Paul isn’t as keen on it. I am saving beet scraps from making beet slices, so I will see if that works as a sort of ongoing starter.  Apparently liking the beet pickling stuff is true to my Pennsylvania Dutch Ancestry.



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