Roast Venison with Vegetables


I piled a quartered onion, grape tomatoes, whole mushrooms in the cast iron pan my mother in law kindly gave me for Christmas.  Decided the beef stew meat needed cooking too and put that in. Put the 1lb deer roast from Missy and Jesse on top.  Added some leftover mulled red wine. Everything is better with wine and it’s frugal to use leftovers, right?


I then topped THAT with frozen green beans simply because they sounded better than broccoli.  Put ground black pepper and ground garlic salt on all that. Put the lid on and it’s in the oven at 350. We shall see. I’m not sure what to call the pan, it’s not a technical dutch oven, but it’s very like. The only thing I forgot to buy was garlic cloves, they would have been great.



Delicious! The deer meat was very tender, still quite strongly flavored. Wish I had the garlic.. Next time!


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