Ground beef w/spinach

Cooked up a pound of Ranchline grass-fed ground beef with chopped green onions, chopped mushrooms, a half pound of tender, lovely spinach from Ironwood Farms, and some sneaky grated turnip, all in some bacon grease. Added a dash of Montreal steak seasoning.


Make sure you add the more delicate spinach at the end, to just barely cook it.


I felt Midwestern tonight so I served it with sliced home grown tomatoes (they are hanging in the garage to finish ripening) and some French radishes from Ironwood farms. I had never had French radishes before, they are mild and tasty.


Linnae also had some gluten-free rice pasta with hers because she’s been waking up pretty hungry first in the morning. She thinks spinach is terrible, but ate some anyway. The verdict? I will probably be able to serve this again without being ”fired”… 🙂 We also had enough leftover for lunch for Paul.


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