Ground beef w/spinach

Cooked up a pound of Ranchline grass-fed ground beef with chopped green onions, chopped mushrooms, a half pound of tender, lovely spinach from Ironwood Farms, and some sneaky grated turnip, all in some bacon grease. Added a dash of Montreal steak seasoning.


Make sure you add the more delicate spinach at the end, to just barely cook it.


I felt Midwestern tonight so I served it with sliced home grown tomatoes (they are hanging in the garage to finish ripening) and some French radishes from Ironwood farms. I had never had French radishes before, they are mild and tasty.


Linnae also had some gluten-free rice pasta with hers because she’s been waking up pretty hungry first in the morning. She thinks spinach is terrible, but ate some anyway. The verdict? I will probably be able to serve this again without being ”fired”… 🙂 We also had enough leftover for lunch for Paul.


Salmon, broccoli etc

Baked the wild-caught salmon portions from Costco with olive oil and a sprinkling of their Herb fish rub for about 25 minutes, turning once in the middle.

Microwaved frozen broccoli with some chopped green onions, salt, pepper, and butter.

Fresh sliced yellow bell pepper and sliced home grown tomato.


Linnae’s verdict was that she wanted some chicken right away, please. Lol, she meant salmon.

Rosemary Beef ka bobs with Brussels sprouts


Skewered 1.8 lb of stew meat (the teenage boy was home. As it was we had enough leftovers to make Paul a lunch) from Keller’s with mushrooms, home grown tomatoes, and thawed out frozen brussels sprouts. Drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, salt, pepper & a pinch of Montreal steak seasoning.  I cooked the extra brussels sprouts in a cast iron skillet in the oven on broil.


They were good, but the ones on the skewers next to the beef absorbed the flavor from the heat and were GREAT. I am so happy to cook them a different way! I usually steam them and drench them in butter.


Paul grilled the skewers outside, but I think broiling on the oven would have worked as well.

I served with Ironwood Farms salad and our homegrown tomatoes, topped with blue cheese and a sprinkling of chi-chi-Chia seeds.

Can you tell I’m trying to use up the tomatoes? They are now hanging in the garage to ripen.

Linnae wouldn’t even consider eating a Brussels sprout, only nibbled at her lettuce under duress (protesting the Chia seeds loudly), but ate quite a bit of beef. This meal can safely be repeated, I think. 🙂