Steak, grilled tomatoes & asparagus


Tonight’s dinner was not terribly inspired, but it was steak, so I couldn’t go wrong. Besides, my husband grilled it and the tomatoes, so double win! And no scrubbing pots! Trifecta!

The steaks were from a Groupon deal at Ranchline All Natural meats. Great products, but too pricey for us normally. The tomatoes were from our garden, and the asparagus, alas, from Sprouts market. They were an impulse buy, they looked so young and tender when we were picking up groceries a couple days ago…

I melted a couple tablespoons of Kerrygold butter and mixed in some natural lemon juice for the lemon butter sauce. Easy, simple stuff.

Grass-fed beef does taste much better and requires no seasoning, but a little salt is tasty. We sprayed the tomatoes with a little olive oil, and lemon butter sauce is classic for the steamed asparagus. I will add here that I’ve used our Black and Decker steamer to DEATH over the years and it is still awesome for cooking. I mean YEARS. I think my first mother in law gave me that thing in the mid-nineties. I have another one I was thrilled to pick up at Goodwill for five bucks, just in case ol’ reliable takes a hiatus. Using filtered water for the steamer has really extended its life.

Linnae ate every particle of steak, of course, but only picked at the asparagus. She claimed she liked it at first, but I think she changed her mind after it got cold. I know she’s healthy and I shouldn’t worry but it sure is hard to get her to eat vegetables.


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