Pork Loin Roast w/ onions

Cooked a 5.38lb pork roast in the oven. I am still getting used to cooking meats in the oven. I love my little rotisserie but it’s only designed to cook up to four pounds.


I adapted this recipe from Betty Crocker. (I bought this cook book through the mail when I was 21. I will never get rid of it, as it ended up costing $140. You know, one of those deals where each installment costs $14.95 but you aren’t thinking gee, how many installments are there?)…

Season the roast with salt and pepper and cook it for about an hour and a half. Cook coarsely chopped onions (I used four) in some water on the stove and season with sage. I also added carrot greens, chopped celery and dried mushrooms.


Once the onions are starting to look clear, you take the roast and rack off the pan, drain off extra grease, which I didn’t have, and mound the onion mixture on there. Put the roast on that and cook another hour. After the roast was done (I checked with a thermometer!) I couldn’t help but mess with it a little more and


added more sage, 1 Tbsp butter, and 1/2 cup white wine, because I was already drinking some and what the heck…

Thinking we needed more vegetables, I thawed out some frozen broccoli and finished cooking it atop the onions – I didn’t cook it very long, it was still crisp.


Linnae, for the first time ever, ate her broccoli without the threat of Ragnarok. She scarfed up the pork as well, and this was AFTER she’d had a banana before dinner. I’d like to attribute this to my cooking skills, or even our parenting skills, but I think she’s just beginning a growth spurt.



Anyway, this meal was a success, I’d say. I chopped up some of the leftovers and mixed with chopped celery, mayo, & tomatoes to make a filling for chard leaves for lunch. I also froze some in portions and cut up bite size for quick snacks or Linnae. The roast made dinner for us three tonight, four lunches, three Linnae sized portions and two adult servings. I’m pleased!


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