More Dog Food

I took about four gallon size Ziploc bags full of bones from the freezer – a couple racks of pork ribs, some pork chops, some steak bones, lots of chicken carcasses, so on, and cooked them for a good 24 hours. I also threw in some containers of fat I’d been saving for no particular reason. I cracked the bones this morning and cooked it all some more. That is one rich broth. I will be skimming the fat off when it solidifies. Not sure if the dogs will get it or if I will practice rendering it.


I strained out all the bits, crumbled all the big pieces of bone (which is very messy and not for people with sensory issues, but cool in a macabre way) and this is what was left that I could not use:


Amazing. Just amazing. I bet I could have gotten them softer in time but I didn’t want aspic.

I pureed the bone sludge in my little processor. I seriously want a bigger one, the little one is so messy for big jobs!  I had a quart of leftover carrot pulp from juicing (we save it to give to my mom’s horses or to throw in a broth or, in this case, dog food) so I mixed that in.


At this point I always think I’m going to dare myself to eat some, just because it looks so yucky. I know it’s edible, it just looks gross. Or I think about ways to sneak it into our meals because I’m perverse that way and think it would be funny (like getting someone picky to eat rocky mountain oysters).  But, dog food it is. My dogs eat better food than most kids who eat school lunch, heh. Or vienna sausages.

I portioned it out in the muffin tin and now they’re in the freezer.


I don’t know what that is worth in dollars and cents, but it is immensely satisfying to know that we consume nearly every scrap of meat. And the dogs love this as a supplement to their grain-free kibble.


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