Mashed cauliflower

I steamed the cauliflower then pureed it in my little Kitchen Aid processor in two batches with salt, pepper, parsely, butter, & cream. I would have added chives but we  had none in the house.  This was indeed a horrible thing but Dinner Must Go On.

I put in two cubes of Trader Joe’s frozen garlic, that was delicious. Might add crumbled bacon next time. The recipes say the drier the cauliflower after you cook it, the better and that makes sense. Wet would just make it runny.

The salad is just quartered Roma tomatoes from the garden, cut up sorrel from Ironwood Farms, and shaved parmesan, which I keep in the freezer. We COULD go through it faster and not need to freeze it, but we SHOULDN’T..

The chicken, comical looking as it is, is of course from Ironwood Farms, just salt & pepper this time. I did baste it with kerrygold butter again because it just tastes so good.


Once again Linnae was grumbling about eating steak instead, but when we put the chicken on her plate she ate it all and had thirds. She grudgingly allowed a bit of the cauliflower to enter her mouth. She didn’t seem to hate the flavor, just on general principle. She has never liked mushy foods.

later note – garlic gets stronger in the fridge. The mashed cauliflower with garlic is tooooo garlicky now. Whew!


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