Beef broth soup with onions

I used the leftover broth from cooking the lengua (the lengua had cooked all day in turkey broth) and loosely followed a French onion soup/ beef Burgundy approach.

I added a beef soup bone, caramelized onions, sliced mushrooms, thyme, a pinch of sage, dried parsely, a pinch of fines herbs, red wine and at the end I threw in the leftover greens from Ironwood. I also tried cooking turnips in there but I picked every last one of those bitter nasty little things back out. I don’t like to be wasteful but ick. Yuck. Ptooey.

The caramelized onions were deelish! The greens ended up in there because I needed something tangy to offset the sweetness of the onions.


I grated some white cheddar in the bowls as this didn’t have pieces of meat in it. Obviously this is not Paleo. If I were going for Paleo, I’d use stew meat or if  no meat, use hemp seed.

Linnae was unhappy with the entire thing, alas. Apparently she had ”planned on steak” again. I even unbent the rules a bit and cooked some rice rotelle to put in with the broth but she ate it only with much production and protests.

Have three good sized single portions of leftovers and I used that lovely broth. Wasted two turnips but they are now appeasing the compost gods, so, all turned out well.


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