(Chicken) Parts Unknown

Cooked up a pile O’ chicken gizzards, hearts, and livers in bacon grease. (We have a jar we save it in, in the fridge).  Added greens (beet thinnings, chard, sorrel) from Ironwood Farms, onions chopped celery. Salt, pepper, dried parsely, whatever you fancy for spices.


Um. Memo to me – do not cook all together again. The livers were good, hearts were a bit rubbery and wth is up with gizzards? Cronch cronch cronch. Yuck. I’ll pick out the onions and give the gizzards to the dogs. (Note: they loved them, of course. I don’t think they chew.)

Linnae’s review was ‘what? I was planning on steak!’ So I gave her some leftovers from yesterday (beef tongue). I looked over and all her chicken hearts were gone, she gave Neil her beef (he couldn’t stand my chicken ‘parts is parts’), & ate more hearts!

Verdict – liver again, hearts again but cooked differently, and maybe no gizzards ever again. Evarrrr.


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